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2020 election ballot

My November 2020 Election Ballot

I often title this annual post “David’s Handy Little Election Guide.” I thought about swapping “tardy” for “handy” this time,…


Aftermath, 2018 Election Edition

The 2018 election is mostly behind us by now. In the past I usually haven’t waited a week to recap…

Mitt Romney

My Plan for Mitt Romney (An Open Letter)

Dear Mr. Romney: I voted for you in the 2012 presidential election, and I still think you’d have made an…

hand pencil paper

Good Numbers, Bad Numbers

In politics, as in work and life generally, I’m a longtime fan of getting the right numbers, getting the numbers…

sidewalk closed

Water Bills, Fees, and Our Politics

One thing I’ve learned to watch for in candidates for local and national offices is how good they are at…

Proofreading and Politics in Draper

Here’s a headline from yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune: “Draper to hire independent investigator to review councilwoman’s e-mails.” Hmm. Sounds serious….

Guest Post: Molly Hogan – “We Need Them As Much As They Need Us”

Nine years ago, my husband Brady and I were living in a small but cozy apartment in Salt Lake City….

Now What? (Electoral Afterthoughts)

I can’t say it was my favorite birthday ever, or even a particularly good one, but it was an interesting…

David’s Handy Little Election Guide

Here’s my arguably handy, definitely idiosyncratic election guide for the 2016 general election. I considered posting it earlier for once,…

Why I’m No Longer a Republican

The “what” is in my title. Here’s the “why.” Why I’m no longer a member of the Republican Party, that…