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Independence Hall, Philadelphia - Declaration of Independence

Let’s Read the Declaration of Independence Together

David Rodeback reads the Declaration of Independence aloud, including the names of the signers.

Torah with American flag in background - Judeo-Christian tradition

Human Purpose and Identity, the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Independence Day, and the Left

The first pages of Genesis are enough to explain the Left’s natural hostility to the Judeo-Christian tradition in American culture and government.

US Capitol - 2022 election

2022 Election Results and Reflections

A look back at some races and issues in the 2022 election, including the defeat of a bond proposal in the Alpine School District.


David’s Opinionated 2022 Election Guide – State, County, and Local Races

David Rodeback discusses Utah state, Utah County, and other local races on his 2022 election ballot. Some info, some commentary.

US Capitol

David’s Opinionated 2022 Election Guide: US House and Senate

David Rodeback’s thoughts on 2022 races pitting Mike Lee against Evan McMullin for US Senate, and John Curtis against Glenn Wright for US House of Representatives in Utah’s 3rd District.

damaged building in Kyiv, Ukraine - Putin's sanity

Perspectives on Ukraine (3 & 4): Putin’s Sanity and a Clear Line

In considering the Russian war on Ukraine, we’re unwise to fixate on Vladimir Putin’s sanity. And the world cannot permit nuclear blackmail, should he attempt it.

Ukraine flag

Perspectives on Ukraine (1 & 2): Feelings and History

What will happen next in Ukraine? How bad will it get? What does Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin want, and how far will he go to get it? Has he lost his mind? What should the US and the rest of the world do — and not do — to stop him?

Grinch face on jack-o-lantern

Just in Case: Christmas vs. the Grinch

Dr. Anthony Fauci walked back his Grinch-like verbal ranging shot against Christmas last week, but the only thing we know…

September 11 flag and memorial - remember

September 11: Today We Remember

Today, twenty years after September 11, 2001, we remember. (Next week, sometime, we should talk.) For me the most striking,…

Afghanistan - pakul - wool cap

The Afghanistan Rescue and the American Spirit

Displayed on a shelf in my home office is a wool cap from Afghanistan, a pakul or kapul, depending on…

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