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White House - proclamations

The Non-Easter Proclamations, the President, and the Election

In view of Friday’s proclamations, who is running the White House and, by extension, the country? Is it the President? And why is the White House willing to offend Christians in a presidential election year?

Charles Osgood 1979

Charles Osgood, the Last of My Radio Three, Is Gone

In memory of Charles Osgood, with mention also of Ronald Reagan, Paul Harvey, and Rush Limbaugh, and an appreciation of KSL’s Jeff Caplan, who is very much alive.


2024: What I Want, Expect, and Wish For – Part 2

More things I want, expect, or wish for in politics and government in 2024, but likely won’t get, and a few more things Americans can do in this election year.

2024 - what I want in 2024

2024: What I Want, Expect, and Wish For – Part 1, Presidential Candidates

What I want in 2024, part 1: presidential candidates. Also what I expect, some wishful thinking, and some things we Americans can do.

the devil laughed - Israeli soldier with a baby carriage behind him and a Hamas soldier behind a baby carriage aim their weapons at each other

And the Devil Laughed

Of course the devil laughed. To watch Hamas raping and killing women and babies is to see evil. To defend it, celebrate it, or apologize for it is to be evil.

Goldwin Smith Hall at Cornell University - My Privilege, My Blessings

My Privilege, My Blessings

Thoughts on two related activities: counting my blessings and checking my privilege. Both have moral and civic value, but there are risks.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia - Declaration of Independence

Let’s Read the Declaration of Independence Together

David Rodeback reads the Declaration of Independence aloud, including the names of the signers.

Torah with American flag in background - Judeo-Christian tradition

Human Purpose and Identity, the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Independence Day, and the Left

The first pages of Genesis are enough to explain the Left’s natural hostility to the Judeo-Christian tradition in American culture and government.

US Capitol - 2022 election

2022 Election Results and Reflections

A look back at some races and issues in the 2022 election, including the defeat of a bond proposal in the Alpine School District.


David’s Opinionated 2022 Election Guide – State, County, and Local Races

David Rodeback discusses Utah state, Utah County, and other local races on his 2022 election ballot. Some info, some commentary.

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