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To discover why Study is a Freedom Habit, read on the “WHY?” tab below. Check out the other tabs for suggestions — mostly readings — for study on a topic. Some of the resources are thick books that read slowly. Some are movies with historical value. Most of the rest are somewhere in between. Lists are updated frequently.

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Pioneer sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville studied American society and government intently in the 1830s and wrote a book every American should study, Democracy in America. He wrote:

The federal system rests on a complicated theory which, in application, demands that the governed should use the lights of their reason every day. . . . When one examines the Constitution of the United States, . . . it is frightening to see how much diverse knowledge and discernment it assumes on the part of the governed. . . . When the general theory is understood, there remain difficulties of application. (Tr. George Lawrence. Garden City, NY: Anchor-Doubleday, 1969.)

Studying isn’t everything, but it’s important. It’s a Freedom Habit.

Here are some excellent things to Study. I recommend reading in one of the essential books at least weekly. For variety, listen to some of the music list, or take in a movie or a play.

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