Freedom Habit: Remember

Remember overlaps Study and Observe, not to mention Pray and the rest of the Freedom Habits. But it’s not the same as any of them.

Sometimes we forget to Remember. So we make holidays and monuments and other reminders. But even they are not enough, without some effort on our part.

Unless we are inclined and determined to Remember, we might forget that neighbor’s son or daughter who offered the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield or elsewhere. Or we might forget the pain and sacrifice of our neighbors, the parents — or the spouse or siblings or children.

Unless we Remember not just what others have done, but to do ourselves some important things in January, February, March, and so on, we are much more likely to regret our options on Election Day in November, to say nothing of the results of that day.

Unless we try to Remember, we likely will forget that courageous and influential thing one of our elected officials did a day or a month or a year ago, in our displeasure over something she did or said today which didn’t please us — as if displeasing us occasionally disqualified a person from enjoying our favor.

Free people Remember — and not just at holidays. Free people Remember the price others paid for their freedom. Remembering is an essential part of the price we pay for our children’s freedom — and our own.

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