Had Enough of Politics?

Have you had enough of politics, at least for this election season?

We’re only halfway through Icktober, if you know what I mean. Or would Sicktober be a better name for it?

First of all, if you’ve had enough, I’m not sure why you’re here. But welcome anyway, and please stay as long as you like.

Second, here’s a fun, apolitical meme.

reading meme

Third, I write about nonpolitical things at my other blog, BendableLight.com — things like reading, writing, religion, and high school marching bands. You’re welcome there too. (Ha! So the meme was relevant!)

Bendable Light
Bendable Light: my digest of nonpolitical thoughts

Just as there’s a Freedom Habit Facebook page, so also is there a Bendable Light Facebook page which, if you like it, will add interesting, funny, and odd bits to your social media life — things that aren’t worth a full blog post, or about which I don’t have time to write just yet. And I link there to most new blog posts.

Speaking of the blog, here are two of my most recent posts:

Some people like me better when I am separated from my politics.

Besides that, politics and government are important, and I find them fascinating (among other adjectives). But blogger doth not live by stale bread alone. Or moldy bread. Or whatever they’re feeding us this fall.

Icktober. Sicktober.

Bendable Light.