Freedom or Free Stuff Bumper Magnet (FREE!)

Freedom or Free Stuff Bumper Magnet

I don’t always make resolutions for a new year — except when I sarcastically resolve not to resolve — but I made some this year. One was launching this web site and Another was giving away 50 bumper magnets, once launched.

I’ve given away about that many of these, without the plug for I simply put one on my car. If anyone admired it, I offered one, or sometimes more than one, for multiple cars or to give to friends or relatives.

If you want one, let me know. I have a stack of 50, and they’re free while they last. (I will charge you the cost of mailing, if you’re not where we can meet in person somehow.)

Limit: 2 free magnets per person. It’s good to have two, if you have two cars, or so you have one to give away, or as a replacement when someone takes yours — which has happened to me a few times. All I ask is, be sure to find a good home for both.

If you want one: Post a comment with your e-mail address, and I’ll contact you that way. The comment won’t display immediately; if I approve it at all, I’ll remove your e-mail address first, so it doesn’t go public.

I need to give you a few warnings:

  • It may not stick to your bumper. I put mine on the rear-facing lip of my trunk lid.
  • If I’m giving a leftist a ride, sometimes I remove it, just to be friendly.
  • Your children may turn it upside down. Mine do so regularly. (The clothespin in the photo below is an inside joke involving the American Fork High School Marching Band’s mellophone section, which is partially under the leadership of my middle son.)
Freedom or Free Stuff
My son was here.

. . . Which brings me to my reason for using a bumper magnet in the first place: My wife doesn’t like bumper stickers. So when she drives my car, it comes off.

Want a bumper sticker instead, or bulk rates?

2 thoughts on “Freedom or Free Stuff Bumper Magnet (FREE!)”

  1. Jacquie Kukuk says:

    How much to buy 5?

    1. David Rodeback says:

      For now, they’re free. I’ll e-mail you. Thanks for asking.

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